Measures for a more sustainable Mare Nostrum

25 November 2023

Of course we care about maintaining our privileged environment, that is why we have projects to reduce our carbon footprint, the production of food waste or energy consumption. These are some of the actions we carry out:

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In the kitchen

Mostly 0km and seasonal products are used.
We take great care with a good management of purchases, storage and forecasting of the food that is needed.
Customers can take away the food they don't finish in a sustainable and recyclable container.
The use of an ozone generator for cleaning means that the use of polluting products is minimal.
The menu for the family (as we call the food for the workers) is varied and includes pasta, rice, legumes, fresh vegetables, white meat, red meat and fish from local producers in the Garraf if possible.
We recycle the used oil.
We have included vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes in our menu.
We do not use plastic water bottles for the customer or the family.
Reduction of energy use with automatic control devices.
In the dining room
We have low light powers and they are used responsibly.
Organic and low intervention wines.

Sustainable marketing
We have participated in campaigns of non-profit organizations such as the association against cancer, the Hospital de Sant Joan Baptista de Sitges foundation or the Ave Maria foundation.
Reduction of almost 90% of the paper in accounting or suppliers.