The philosophy of the restaurant has always been to promote local products and to work with local and quality products, trying to provide customers with a pleasant atmosphere.

The philosophy of the restaurant always has been the one to promote the local products and to work with proximity and quality products, professional treatment and relaxed ambient. Our type of cooking is based on the product and traditional recipes. We give a special importance to the fish, the shell fish, rice dishes and the wines of the area. Our handmade desserts give a final special touch. The decoration is meant to be sailor style, the restaurant has of a wide terrace in front of the sea and two interior dining rooms.

In 1950, The Martí’s family reached Sitges. Josep Martí Orobitg and his wife Conchita opened the restaurant. The “boom” of tourism had not started and our customers were families from Barcelona. The French cuisine was our referent, our specialities were the flambée in front of the client like Diana Steak, the Sea Bass with Fennel or the Crêpes Suzette. Later, the second generation, Leopoldo and Josep Lluís, remained in charge of this familiar business, promoting the Mediterranean cuisine of proximity that has been maintained until the present time. In 2020, the restaurant celebrates its 70th anniversary, Carol Martí, the 3rd generation, takes over the management.

Recently on the subsoil of the main dining room it has been founded and restored a winery of the sXVIII. it is a memory of the ancient neighborhood of the coopers of the ribera. At the beginning of the sXIX this industry disappeared and in its place, luxury houses where build for the upper-class families.